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With a proud legacy of nine years as a dedicated bench saddler in Walsall, I've passionately crafted 4 to 5 exceptional saddles weekly, setting myself apart in a predominantly male-oriented industry. In late 2022, I took a leap forward to establish my own business, specialising in crafting exquisite leather handbags and accessories.

Beyond my mastery in saddlery, I delved into the film industry, spending six months creating intricate leather props. While some of my film work remains confidential until the movie launches, you can explore a glimpse of my creations.


Notably, my work is displayed at the Tower of London, a testament to my commitment to producing premium UK-made leather goods. Embracing tradition and quality craftsmanship, I am dedicated to continuing the legacy of exceptional British leatherwork and am eager to share my expertise and creations with you. Explore my collection and experience the essence of finely crafted leather goods.





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Charlotte - The Saddle Lady

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