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Leather products

Welcome to my distinctive line of products where craftsmanship meets sustainability! My journey began in 2022 within a unique niche, crafting exquisite leather handbags from old saddles, preserving sentimental value while championing sustainability. Delighting my customers with meaningful transformations, I continue to offer this exclusive service under the "Recycled Leather Goods" section, breathing new life into cherished pieces.


Expanding my commitment to sustainability, I've launched a groundbreaking initiative. Knowing the leather industry's wastage firsthand, I've pioneered a brand of bags using the finest but previously discarded leather from saddle-making. These offcuts, deemed unsuitable due to slight imperfections, find a new purpose in our bags, ensuring the highest quality with no compromise on durability.


Discover my commitment to sustainability through "Amour by the Saddle Lady," my latest range showcases two meticulously crafted handbags. These stunning creations exemplify my dedication to repurposing leather, allowing you to witness firsthand the elegance and functionality that emanate from sustainable practices. Join me in embracing the beauty of repurposed leather while making a positive impact on our environment—one bag at a time!

Amour by The Saddle Lady



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